Business Support Specialists
small business and education sector consultants in new technology

Organize your business using open source and cloud based services. 
Find the most costeffective solution to suit your needs.

Key benefits of our service
In a fast moving industry it takes vision to choose the best long term solutions for your business.
Changes in hardware, operating systems, software and outsourced services come at a rapid pace.
Finding the best path through these options is what we do, at the least cost to you.
  • open source solutions
  • manage license fees
  • retain control of your data
  • increase efficiency
  • better team collaboration
  • manage costs
  • training and support
  • Google for Work Partner
How to start planning
Look at the software that you are currently using and see if you are using it effectively. Identify if there are cloud based or open source options that could reduce your costs.

Getting started
Let us show you what options are available from the world of open source and cloud based subscription services from the worlds leading suppliers.
Compare the options and see which best fits with your current and future needs.